Jenifer Fish Fry Stall, Besant Nagar Beach:


Sea, Sand and Seafood comes together at the Fish stalls that operate along the beach side. Two more ‘S’ words that crossed my mind looking at those stalls are “Sarakku” and “Side Dish” 😬. No justification for those thoughts even though it was only family crowd around the time, my friend and me went but… Yeah!! I can’t help but think in those terms, too.

Jenifer is a known name and once you approach the place, the view of Masalafied Seafood (Fish/Squid/Prawns/Illi Poochi Aka Sand Crab or Mud Crab) ready to be fried as soon as you place an order is quiet a tempting vision and one does give into the temptation. Proof is that we over ordered than necessary for the two of us. Quantity Vs Price is fair. No takeaways.

First to arrive, Prawns Fry was decent. Would have loved it to be a little more Masala-fied. Vanjiram Fry was little over done making it slightly hard textured. Squid Fry was decent. Weekend special is their Fish Cutlet. Made out of Paarai Fish it carried a very Fish-y smell/taste that I couldn’t stomach. My first encounter with Illi Poochi and I absolutely loved it. Being a Crab meat lover sure does help in developing a liking towards this Crustacean.

Prices of all items is ₹60/plate, except Vanjiram Fry which was priced ₹180. Totally paid ₹420. The owner was a friendly person who allowed us to access their kitchen and hang around there for sometime to watch the happenings in the kitchen.

Google link:
4A, 6th Avenue, Odaimanagar, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090
091768 88123


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