Palmshore, Jafferkhanpet:


From the first time, I’ve had Mandi at Palmshore, I’ve always liked it. Having it directly as soon as it’s served is much much better than ordering it through delivery partners or takeaway. But, I’d decided I’ll write about it only after having tasted their Mutton Raan Mandi (₹1390) for which I needed more hands (or should I say mouths 😁). The opportunity came and 4 of us friends landed up at Palmshore and ordered their Mutton Raan Mandi.

Mandi here never disappoints neither did it this time. Perfectly Masalafied and Grilled leg of a lamb with falling-off-the bone type meat just melted in the mouth. One can get addicted to this, seriously. And, the mandi rice carried perfect flavours, with very less irritants here and there like peppercorns or pickled lime. Love…. love… loved the Mandi. Totally Yummm!!

It takes 30 minutes minimum to be served after placing the order. While waiting for the Mandi ordered Hummus (₹125) and Lime Mint Cooler (₹65). Totally paid ₹1727.


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