Sree Vidya Meals Room, Ram Nagar (Coimbatore):


Knowledge is silent, knowledge doesn’t show off, knowledge is humble.

During our first meeting, Chef Lakshmi Priya mentioned about her vision of opening a simple Vegetarian Meals place. And, that vision is now a reality in the name of “Sree Vidya Meals Room”. Having witnessed her culinary skills at ‘Kovai Alankar Vilas’ in Chennai, I didn’t carry an ounce of doubt with me about what my experience in Coimbatore was going to be.

I’ve noticed that she always introduces herself to others as an Organic Farmer first and then a Chef. A person who dedicates a big chunk of her day in the Kitchen and also being the one who cooks all the dishes by herself, I can’t but feel awed by her passion to Grow, Cook and Feed others. I’m her fan, undoubtedly.

So, this Sree Vidya Meals Room is in it’s soft launch phase and is located at No.10, Kalingarayar Street in Ram Nagar in it’s temporary place while the original outlet (Next Door) is getting ready. It’s operational during Lunch time alone between 12 Noon to 4.00 PM. Contact numbers: 0422-2238444/82200 10913.

Since, the Menu is a rotational one, My meals on the day my friend and me went started with Peerkangaai Thol (Skin of Ridge Gourd) Urundai with their Naatu Chekku Nalla Ennai (Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil). People who have had meals at Kovai Alankar Vilas in Chennai can relate to the Podi Urundai experience with their Meals. I must say, the Peerkangai Thol is a revelation and brilliance at it’s best.

The Murungai Mullangi (Drumstick & Radish) Sambar was beyond doubt one of the best. The joy of mashing the Shallots/Vegetables and mixing it through in your Steamed Puzhungal Arisi Sadham (Steamed Rice) and gulping down the mass is an amazing experience by itself. I’m pretty sure that the Vellai Poosani (White Pumpkin) More Kuzhambu was at it’s best avatar here.

The Chef’s style is Kongu Region food and she’s focused on bringing household traditional foods to your plate. The Kaatu Keerai (Spinach) Kadaisal was another interesting element in my Banana Leaf and it tasted great with it’s Roasted Coriander Seeds flavour. The Beetroot Chutney was more than just an eye candy. It was Creamy in texture and the after taste from the Butter added in it was an absolute bliss. I couldn’t figure out what Vegetable was in the Thayir Pachadi, till the Chef didn’t tell me. Such was the transformation of the humble Vazhai Thandu (Banana Stem). Whatte wow!

Both the Poriyals – Vendakkai (Ladies Finger) & Urulai Kizhangu (Potato) were perfect. The usual suspects – Appalam, Thayir (Curd) and More Milagai (Sundried Buttermilk Chilli) were present. But, the unusual suspects Kollu (Horse Gram) Rasam and Vepampoo (Neem Blossoms) Vadagam stole the show. The Payasam of the day is always Nativity based, we were told. And it was Thinai (Fox Millet) Thenga Paal Payasam on the day we went. Loved the subtly sweetened sweet.

Price of a Meal (as of now) is ₹100 including GST.

Not included in this meal but was lucky enough to try their Arisi Paruppu Sadham with Puli Kaaichal. I say “lucky” to have tried this and I mean it. It’s Euphoric after every mouthful of this combination. It’s simple and satisfying. If my memory serves right, I think this combination along with Sutta Appalam is priced at ₹65 and served separately.

Perks of the Chef knowing me is that she remembered to serve my favorite Ennai Kathrikai Kuzhambu (Not part of that day’s meal menu). I always devour it with the Curd Rice. I jussssss love it!!

Ye People of Coimbatore, I envy you!! 🙄

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