Theni Everest Restaurant, Theni


I think it was some 2 years back (after my first interaction with one of the proprietors of this place) I’d mentally bookmarked to visit this place. It’s probably the most famous/ known place in Theni. It carries a heritage of 70+ years and I’m told that one of the two founders (who is 85 years now) still comes everyday to their outlets to do quality check of the items prepared.

The old structure where the first Restaurant was started 70+ years back still stands tall and proud. I visited it to pay my respect to the heritage it carries but chose their newly opened Restaurant to dine in. The food items come from their main kitchen so there’s no problem with the consistency, I was told. Ever grateful to the owner who gave me permission to see their unique Parotta tawa, which is fueled by Peanut Shells, an olden day technique. It was a great experience to see it and as well as learn a few new things.

Not beating around the bush, my most favorite item among all that I tried would be their Mutton Chukka (₹130). The recipe/spices used is a secret, the owner said. But, he revealed that they use a specific cut of meat because of which they are able to give consistency. This, just this dish by itself made my stop at Theni, worthwhile, I would say.

The Oil Chicken (₹130) was unique and carried nice flavors. The use of Cold Pressed Oil (Mara Chekku Ennai) lifts those flavors, many fold. Their Parottas are also prepared with Cold Pressed Oil giving it that lingering taste. I preferred their Panju Parotta (₹25) to their normal Parotta (₹20) only because of the Panju Ponra (Cotton like) texture. The accompanying Salna/Sherva was good.

Their Short-Grained Rice Mutton Biryani (₹170) carried the mildest of flavors. Not an irritant free Biryani but the taste will leave you wanting more. And, the Salna which comes with it was a perfect combination.

Totally paid ₹842 including takeaway of few items, Mineral Water Bottle, AC charges and Packing Charges for parcel. On the day I went, cards were not accepted. Since it was recently launched they said they’ll be adding card transactions, soon.

Address and Location of their second outlet:
Theni Everest Restaurant Veg – Non Veg
Madurai Main Rd, NRT Nagar, Theni, Tamil Nadu 625531
096770 10908

Address and location of their first outlet:
New Everest Restaurant
Bathra Kaliyamman, Konduraja Line, Theni, Tamil Nadu 62553


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