Ajwa Thalassery Dum Biryani, Arumbakkam:


This Ajwa has 2 branches in Trivandram and the 3rd one recently opened in Chennai. Their specialty is the Thalassery Style Biryani. It’s a type of Biryani that I absolutely love and the temptation of trying it from a brand that knows the nuances of it’s preparation lead my friends and me to this place even though they are very new to the town.

Thalassery Style Biryani is just the opposite to the Styles that one gets in Chennai. Those who have had a stint with the authentic preparation will vouch for it’s taste. It’s a different gastronomical experience which I savour, personally. And, Ajwa’s Chicken Biryani (₹200) was everything that I’ve always liked in a Thalassery Style Biryani – Short Grained (Kaima) Rice, smooth textured with little irritants and mild flavored. Right amount of hidden Masala enhances the taste of the Rice as you mix it through. The Fish Biryani (₹290) with 2 Hidden Fried Seer Fish pieces was ditto to Chicken Biryani in terms of flavours and taste. The Biryani accompaniment was Achar/Pickle and it was Mind Blowing. The Sweet and Sour taste made me get addicted to it. Bowl licking good! 😬

Spring Chicken Fry (₹180 for 2 pcs) was an absolute revelation. Spring Chicken is a young bird, we were told. Making the meat tender and juicy. It was really good. And, when we tried the other Chicken Fry (₹220 for Half), we could certainly notice the difference in the softness of the meat. Not that the Broiler Chicken Fry was bad, I would say Spring Chicken was a tad better.

We were served complimentary Sulaimani. Not sure, if it’s served on all days. Total bill was ₹1090 for the 4 of us with an added order of Chicken Biryani.

Address and Location:

Metro Pillar No. 93, 205,100 FEET ROAD, Inner Ring Rd, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106


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