Banu Chicken Corner, Nagercoil:


Update: Salna = Arappu. I didn’t know the term before.

Banu Parotta is an emotion that I’ve been carrying since a good Friend of mine mentioned it 2 years ago. Luckily, I was chatting with her when I was going to Kanyakumari and she set a reminder for me try out this place. Oh Boy, it was the best food advice I could have ever asked for.

Parotta is a staple and the Non-Parotta activists might have tough time around that side of TN. Personally for me, (not wanting to argue with the Health Policing that happens when I make any Parotta post) Parotta is my Muse – I love it and I crave for it many a times. So, Banu Parotta experience is something that I’ll hold close to my heart. And, you Nagercoil-ians I envy you soooo much 😬

As I write this, I realise that I really really liked the Crispy Edged and Soft Centered Parottas (₹10/pc) which for sure is unique to this district and was nothing like what you would get in other regions. Not only was the Parotta distinct the Salna (Gravy) that came with it was equally unique. It had a strong Masala taste that I totally enjoyed having. The gravy was equally good with Aapams (₹10/pc), too. The way the Salna was served in Ceramic Saucers, the old school way, was so romantic.

My yardstick to measure any good Chicken Fry is my mom-made Chicken Fry at home. But, Banu Parotta’s Chicken 65 Fry (₹80/Bone-in) beats it outright (Sorry, Mommy 😬). The way I look at Chicken Fry is not going to be the same after my encounter with this Chicken Porippu. A Deep Fried item being this Soft – I can guarantee you I’ve never come across anything like this before. I’m totally sold.

The Chicken 65 Boneless (₹100) was good too, but the bone-in for sure was the best, according to me. The friendly server gave us some sediment from Fried Chicken (In Pic). Please excuse my terminology 😬 as I don’t know the exact technical name in English for it. In Tamil, I’m told, it’s called as “Porippu Podi” / “Eraichi Podi” in and around this District and “Meedhi Thokku” in Vellore.

Totally paid around ₹400 or so for the 4 of us. Can’t remember the exact figure.

Address and Location:
Banu Chicken Corner
Ozhuginasery, Nagercoil,
Tamil Nadu 629001


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