Selvam Canteen, Pollachi


We were staying at Kinara Farm Stay in Pollachi and had a short trip planned to Parambikulam. After visiting Parambikulam we were coming back to Pollachi. It was very well past lunch time. I’d called the number and informed we are on our way and if they can accommodate us. Also, requested to keep aside some Meals which they agreed to.

After reaching the place, when we asked for Meals, they said it got over and only Biryani, Parottas etc were available. So, we went with the flow and ordered whatever we could and while finishing the food is when, we realised they had actually kept some food from Meals aside but didn’t identify us. I was already too full to eat another round of meals 🤣 so had the Rasam Sadham, alone.

Dish name in the pictures. Prices of the dishes:

1. Mutton Biryani ₹150 – Fragrant, mild irritants, would have been great if it was served Hot. Mutton pieces were a bit hard maybe it had been in a warm Hundi for a long time.
2. Chicken Biryani ₹110 – Ditto as Mutton Biryani with the exception of Chicken Pieces instead of Mutton..
3. Parotta ₹15 – Flaky and soft
4. Chicken Roast ₹100 – Good
5. Mutton Chukka ₹130 – Very Good
6. Fish ₹80 – Cold because of which couldn’t find the flavours
7. Brain Fry ₹110 – Supposed to be too good. I didn’t have.

Address and Location:
Selvam Canteen

114/70A, GandhiPuram, Suleeswaran Patty, Pollachi, SH 78, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu 642006
093677 98948


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