Life Of Pie Tarts, Boat Club Road


Life Of Pie Tarts, Boat Club Road:The Virus has bought the worst and best out of all of us. Focusing on the best of what I got to encounter, I happen to come across this brand called “Life Of Pie” that was doing the rounds in Instagram. I’ve a strong weakness for Pie Tarts and as soon as I saw the name, I hit their DM and got information and placed my order through their WhatsApp.

“Life Of Pie” comes with a Celebrity tag as the maker and founder is a very well known Movie Industry Celebrity. I don’t know why I somehow, had a very positive feel about it.Hands down, one of the best Cheese Tart Pies I’ve had. Just to make sure I’m right in judging them, I have ordered from them twice. And, both the times it was perfectly made. Soft, Spongy center with a Nice Butter-y Pie Crust…. just Yumm!!

Pre-booking is a must. One can Dunzo it or do self pick-up (Non-Lockdown Days).WhatsApp at 7358755577 for orders and enquiries. Cost of 3 pc is ₹400 and 6 pc is ₹800.

Instagram handle of “Life Of Pie”:


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