Sundari Akka Kadai, Takeaway Only:


With the given situation and my pondering about how people are trying to bounce back, one of the obvious choices to check up on was Sundari Akka Kadai. A quick call to her number (by a friend) revealed that she is operating from her home kitchen. Made a mental note and a friend of mine and me decided to give her food a try.

Placed the order a day before and we were asked to pick up the food by 12 PM. We were guided by her to reach the pickup location. It took exactly one plus hours of waiting to get the Takeaway parcel. Clearly, pre booking makes no difference as she favors her regulars/favorites more and people like us had to wait for our turn.

Coming to the food, we received more than what we ordered. And, of course we were charged for it. For example, we asked for 2 Prawns and got 3. Each Prawn parcel had a different quantity. I don’t think any standard measurement is being followed while packing. Talking about packing reminds me that all packaging was done in Aluminum foil takeaways as against her usual Banana leaf parcels, that I had expected. Maybe, things have changed now.

Fish Curry with Piece (₹100/portion) didn’t taste like before. Would I say it was bad? No. But, it used to be better before is what I’m trying to say. I’ve had better Vanjiram Fry (₹200/pc) days at Sundari Akka Kadai itself. Prawns Fry (₹120) was a slight disappointment as it was cooked unevenly. The great memories of her Prawns Fry was the only reason why I decided to order, again. Crab Fry (₹100/portion) was, very good. Bought Paara Fish Fry (₹100/pc) but didn’t taste it.

Pricing is always a debatable topic, so not getting into that. I do know it’s a tough time for all of us and especially the industry. But, I prefer to put down facts so that you can accordingly decide to order or not.

Contact number: +919176435344.


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