Karigar Biryani, Online Ordering Only:


The usage of word “Perun Choru” instead of Biryani caught my attention when a post appeared on my Instagram and I had to try this Seeraga Samba Biryani. Placed my order with them through their Instagram direct message. Delivery was prompt. The packaging was pretty neat. Everything was packed in Pana Olai Petti those are procured from Vembar village to support the Karigars there, and thus the name.

The short grained rice was loaded with flavours and the Mutton was well cooked. Liked it. The Perun Choru (₹350) came with Raita and Thokku. The thokku was tangy and I was told it’s made by blending Onions, Tomatoes, Spices with the Mutton Stock. Paan ladoo was also part of the Perun Choru combo.

Loved the Chicken 65 (₹250) more than the Mutton Sukka (₹275) which was slightly on the spicier side. But, that’s just for my Mom and me.

Instagram Profile of Karigar Biryani:https://instagram.com/karigarbiryani?igshid=rns27p2ly1ae


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