Sai Datta Andhra Mess famously known as Aunty Mess, Kodambakkam:


There might be hardly anyone in the vicinity that doesn’t know about this Andhra Mess. Famous always equals to good taste and a very reasonable pricing. And, Aunty mess ticks all the boxes right.

Obvious choice of Meals (₹80) and it comes with the jing bang of a proper Andhra Meals – Podi, Pappu and the works. A meal isn’t complete without an Omelette (₹15). Fish Fry (₹80/pc) was a proper deep fried one. The Chicken Fry (₹70) was a semi gravy-ish one which tasted pretty good.

Total bill was ₹560 including multiple order of a few dishes, coke and a water bottle.


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