IdiApp, Adyar: (Online Ordering Only)


Among the things that I love but don’t have the skill (patience) to make has to be Idiyappam (String Hoppers). And, that’s why IdiApp, an Instagram page that I found during last year’s lockdown comes very handy to me. I know what you are thinking! You can find Idiyappam guys selling them on the road (Non-lockdown days). I’m either not awake when they come to my street or don’t notice or by the time I come down from my apartment they are gone.

So, all my problems including the underlying OCD condition is taken care by IdiApp. I always pre-book a day in advance. Delivery timing as per rules imposed by the government. This particular delivery I’m writing about was a morning one. I wanted them before 8 AM and got it delivered by 7.30 AM, itself.

A pack of 5 Idiyappams costs ₹25.

Delivery charges extra.

Contact number: 7305352233.

P.S: The Paaya (Lamb Trotters) in the picture is homemade.

They deliver only Idiyappams.

Instagram link:


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