Madurai Kumar Mess, Vadapalani, Chennai:


When Parottas take the center stage, you (should) know it’s either Madurai or related to Madurai. So, Kumar Mess is a place I frequent during lunch time but it’s been eons since I went there for Dinner. In fact, I don’t even know when was the last time I dined at Kumar Mess for Dinner. I’m really glad I did it this time as I saw the other side of Kumar Mess which was totally satisfying. People will say they are highly priced, blah, blah… but the crowd and the waiting time (every time I visit) at Kumar Mess is a proof to the popularity of this brand. Haters are gonna hate.

Clubbed the Parottas (₹50/pc) with their Chettinad Pepper Chicken (₹240) and both tasted awesome, together. The taste of Marachekku Ennai (cold pressed oil) in the Parottas were too good and went very well with the pepper based gravy. While at Kumar Mess, how can one miss their Boneless Crab Pepper Roast (₹320) and the Mutton Kolas (₹220 for 5 pcs). The Kola didn’t meet my expectations this time around. Mutton Curry Dosa (₹300) was the best. Loved it. Nannari Soda (₹80) was like a live show with soda being poured right in front of your eyes. It was fun.

Totally paid ₹1532 along with multiple orders and a water bottle.


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