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I’ve to admit I’ve been really really lucky when coming to exploring Home Chefs who specialize in Kerala food. In fact, it’s interesting to note how these brands have been operating quietly. I wonder, where have they been hiding all their talent all this while? The Mallu connection is so strong that I’ve more brands already bookmarked to try.

Okay, coming to Treat – it was truly a treat to the taste buds. Placed the order a couple of days prior. That’s something I feel is mandatory with all home chef brands. I had a quick chat with someone from their Instagram handle who helped with finalizing my order. Every single item in my order was flawless. We enjoyed the meal(s) thoroughly.

Chicken Choru (₹175/portion) was more like a fusion dish. This was Jeerakasala rice prepared in Tamil Style with Keralaite accompaniments. The small grained rice preparation had all the components a Biryani usually holds. It sure worked well on my taste buds and I ended up liking it a lot.

The Parotta (₹15/pc) and Chicken Kakkathil (₹150/portion) stole the show completely. Saved the Peri Peri Chicken (₹350 for Half portion) for Dinner. Man!! It was too good. The fiery looking Chicken was actually mildly spicy just the way I like it. The Khuboos and the Homemade Mayo were perfect companions to the Peri Peri Chicken. Enjoyed it! The complimentary Sesame and Peanut ladoos were perfect.

Their kitchen operates from Arumbakkam. Their contact number is 9791033617.

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