Rayar’s Mess, Mylapore:


I know… I know… the name Rayar’s brings about a lot of emotions to it’s loyalist which is almost 75% of Chennai population but to me, personally my OCD kicks in when I hear this name. That’s exactly why going to Rayar’s isn’t really on the top of my list. I like the food, without a doubt. But, totally allergic to the sambar on top of the chutney culture.The experience at Rayar’s is electric. First, it’s the thrill of getting a seat next it’s the super fast service that really makes you want to swallow your food fast and get out as soon as you can. Everyone is in so much of hurry that the energy catches up on you and you want to rush through everything, too.The Idlies are soft and the Ghee is poured over your Idlies without your consent and while paying the bill you realise the hidden cost of that Ghee which you never wanted. Same goes with the Podi. The Vadai was crispy. The sleeping pill (Aka Pongal) was excellent. The complimentary water-y Green Chillies chutney is a killer or should I say a tongue burner. Never leave, without having their filter coffee. The crowd waiting to get a seat speaks volume about their popularity.Paid somewhere between ₹250-₹300. Don’t know the exact split up but spotted a handwritten menu on wall which said Idlies costed ₹30 for 2, Vadai at ₹10 and Pongal was priced at ₹40.


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