Seeking Roots, Pickup from Velachery


I hate it when my pictures can’t really bring out the real flavours and show it to my audience. Don’t go by my average pictures of food from “Seeking Roots”. The food was extraordinary.Chef Sania Naqvi, the brain behind “Seeking Roots” has very clear ideologies and totally believes in giving “Palate Pleasing” meals with minimal or nil wastage and using fresh ingredients. After tasting her food, all I can say is – Her food looks simple but it is meticulously curated and heavily loaded with goodness and absolutely lip-smacking. My experience was extremely satisfying.Over this weekend, her menu carried 3 different kinds of sandwiches out of which I ordered 2. And, all her sandwiches comes with house salad, wedges with guacamole and a Cheesecake. I’ve never had such satisfying vegetarian sandwich in a long time. I fell in love just with the kind of ingredients that was used – Spiced Pumpkin, Pickled Peppers and Cheese Sandwich (₹). Usage of Pumpkin Seeds gave a different dimension to the texture of the filling.The Non-Vegetarian counterpart that I Chose was – Fried Chicken and Muhamara (₹) which was brilliant. The Pomegranate Salsa that came with this sandwich was genius.The Seeking Roots Salad had Cucumbers, Mangosteen, Onions, Roasted Garlic (Read lots of Garlic) with a simple vinegrette dressing and tasted amazing. If only all Salads were this tasty 😁. The Guacamole was well made. At the risk of disappointing some people, I’m going to add here that Chef Sania’s Cheesecake is probably the best.I envy you, Velachery-ians. P.S: I didn’t pay for this meal.


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