Taj Biryani, Pollachi:


An undisputed winner when it comes to Biryani option in Pollachi. Located in the sungam area of Pollachi, the taste of this Biryani is always well worth the extra travel, if you have to.Short grained rice preparation which oozes flavour in every mouthful with it’s succulent Mutton pieces makes it very irresistible. The accompanying Pudina Chutney elevates the taste. I personally prefer it to the gravy that is given with the Biryani. Since I was there ended up ordering their Chicken Pepper Roast which was really good in taste.Totally paid ₹190. Since, this was a lockdown visit we were not allowed to dine-in but managed to get a takeaway.Taj Biryani Hotel location details:Valparai main road NM,Sungam, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu 642007093446 77571 https://g.co/kgs/BQj4zi


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